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    Wyong Youth Refuge

    Wyong Youth Refuge is our crisis youth refuge which provides temporary accommodation and support to five homeless young women and men aged between 14 and 20. Wyong Youth Refuge provides a relaxed and caring environment which places emphasis on developing the personal and living skills needed to sustain independent living. Residents work together in sharing household responsibilities, organising meals, grocery shopping and planning activities such as a roster of chores and weekend outings.

    The primary focus for each resident is to work through their crisis in a safe and supportive environment. Where appropriate, residents under the age of 16 will be encouraged to reconcile with their families. If other residents also wish to repair family breakdown, they will be supported to do so. Where reconciliation is not appropriate, staff will assist residents to find independent housing and provide the necessary supports to ensure their tenancy can be sustained.

    "Thank you to the workers at Wyong Youth Refuge who helped me to gain my courage and independence to take such steps in life".

    "My name is Tahlia and I am 17 years old. I have lived in five different refuges in my life and I can honestly say that Coast Shelter was the best for me.Some things were challenging to overcome, but the workers were 100% supportive and encouraging, which really helped me stay motivated. One thing I really enjoyed and appreciated was how it was not like a prison, but with appropriate restrictions of course. The workers treated us equally, made things fun, laughed with us and talked with us, making us have the feeling of security, trust, stability and faith that things will only get better.

    During my stay I attended school every day and I received awards and merits for my efforts. The workers really praised me for keeping a sufficient routine both at school and at the Refuge. I intend on going to university and hope to complete a bachelor degree with courses in nursing, midwifery, social science, medical science and biochemistry. Thank you to the workers at Wyong Youth Refuge who helped me to gain my courage and independence to take such steps in life".


    Wyong Youth Refuge is funded by Community Services as a Specialist Homelessness Service and is supported by numerous community groups and organisations.