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    Client Stories

    Kate's Story

    Kate arrived at Rumbalara after a relationship breakdown within her family. She had also been suffering with an undiagnosed mental illness, which was making life at home even more difficult for her. Kate had successfully completed her HSC and was accepted into university, however she was under a lot of stress at home as she had taken on the role of caring for her mum and three younger sisters with very little support.

    Once at Rumbalara, she was able to focus her energies on improving her overall wellbeing and continuing with her studies. With some additional support, Kate made it through her first semester and was so proud of her achievements and for being the first person in her family to go to university.

    Kate and her family worked together to mend their broken relationship and eventually she returned home to a much more functional and supportive environment. They are much happier and are now saving for a family holiday to South Africa in 2016, which Kate is very excited about.

    Rumbalara Youth Refuge

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