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    Share your story ... it could inspire another

    As part of our 25 year celebrations we would love to hear from former clients of Coast Shelter. We invite you to share your story with us. Here are some ideas to get you started...

    How did you become homeless?
    What help did Coast Shelter provide?
    How has your life changed?

    All contributions will remain confidential and will not identify you in any way.

    Please email your story to mystory@coastshelter.org.au or contact 4325 3540 if you require assistance.
    We hope to hear from you soon!


    27 February 2017

    Coast Shelter is proud to celebrate its 25th year of operation on the Central Coast. As a truly local charity, it is grateful for the continued support of the community who have all contributed to its longevity and success.

    “Coast Shelter is not only celebrating our achievement of operating for 25 years, but also the achievements of each and every client who we have helped in that time. We would love to hear from some of our former clients who have turned their lives around with our support”, said Gavin Shepherd, President of Coast Shelter.

    Coast Shelter is calling on former clients to share their stories in the hope that they will inspire others. For more information email mystory@coastshelter.org.au or visit Coast Shelter’s website.

    “Each of our clients has a story to tell and we have helped many achieve their goals over the past 25 years. It may be moving into a safe and secure home, passing the HSC, getting a new job or mending a relationship with a family member. Each achievement is worth celebrating” Laurie Maher, Executive Officer of Coast Shelter said.

    In 25 years Coast Shelter has provided accommodation to 16,866 homeless men, women and children for a total of 797,302 days. Operating for 15 of those 25 years, the Coast Community Centre has provided 632,181 meals along with other support to help those at risk of homelessness to maintain their tenancies.

    “While the statistics are impressive, it is the respectful support of each of our clients which is most important”, Maher said.

    Coast Shelter began in 1992 with just four accommodation programs. Today it has ten, including five youth refuges, four women and children’s refuges and a men’s refuge.

    “The Government continues to look for a solution to the affordable housing shortage, however in the meantime we must keep up with the increasing numbers of those seeking crisis accommodation” Maher said.

    “To mark our 25th Birthday, we hope to hold a number of celebrations this year and we look forward to announcing these in the near future”, Gavin Shepherd stated.

    MEDIA CONTACT: Laurie Maher 02 4325 3540