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    Workplace Giving

    What is Workplace Giving?

    Workplace Giving is a simple and effective way for employees to donate regularly to Coast Shelter. Through automated payroll deductions, you are able to help disadvantaged and homeless people on the NSW Central Coast.

    It allows employees the opportunity to make regular, planned donations through their pay, supporting their local community on a regular basis.

    How Does Pre-Tax Donations Work?

    Workplace Giving allows employees to donate to Coast Shelter from their pre-tax pay. As donations are processed through the payroll system, employees will receive an immediate tax deduction (donations of $2 or more are tax deductible), saving the hassle of keeping receipts for personal tax return. At the end of the financial year a statement of donations will be included in an employee’s PAYG payment summary.

    100% of every dollar donated by an employee goes directly to charity. Administrative costs for issuing receipts are eliminated and the charity’s fundraising expenses are minimised allowing them to get on with the important job of helping those in need.

    Benefits For Employees

    By participating in Workplace Giving, employees will:

     Receive an immediate tax benefit from their pay.

     Receive a tax deduction without the need to keep receipts for tax purposes.

     Spread donations over the year, rather than making a larger one-off donation.

     Participate in a simple and flexible program.

     Make an important contribution to help the homeless and those doing it tough in our community.