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    Rumbalara is a youth refuge which provides temporary accommodation and support for six homeless young women or men aged between 15 and 18. Rumbalara provides a relaxed and caring environment which places emphasis on developing the personal and living skills needed to sustain independent living. Residents work together in sharing household responsibilities, organising meals, grocery shopping and planning activities such as a roster of chores and weekend outings.

    Where appropriate, residents under the age of 16 will be encouraged to reconcile with their families. If other residents also wish to repair family breakdown, they will be supported to do so. Where reconciliation is not appropriate, staff will assist residents to find independent housing and provide the necessary supports to ensure their tenancy can be sustained.

    When Zane arrived, he was feeling very isolated and had completely disengaged from school and his peers.

    Zane was referred to Rumbalara by a Juvenile Justice NSW. He was unable to return home because of the broken relationships, which had been caused by his past violent outbursts and abuse. When Zane arrived, he was feeling very isolated and had completely disengaged from school and his peers. During his time at Rumbalara, Zane was able to address his anger issues in a positive and supportive environment whilst attending regular appointments at Headspace.

    With encouragement from staff, Zane also returned to his school to continue his studies. He was determined to get his life ‘back on track’. Eventually Zane was able to return home as he had addressed and dealt with his anger issues and his family could see how much he had progressed. Zane left Rumbalara a self-assured young man and said that he couldn’t have returned home to his family without the support of staff.


    Rumbalara is funded by Community Services as a Specialist Homelessness Service and is supported by numerous community groups and organisations.