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    Rondeley Domestic Violence Response Program

    Funded by FACS and supplemented by our local community, the Rondeley Program will provide practical and moral support, as well as accommodation in five cottages for women and children escaping domestic violence.

    Staff will accept referrals from individuals and other agencies for women with or without accompanying children, who are escaping domestic violence and needing crisis accommodation.
    This Program ensures that women and their children, brave enough to leave a violent home, will have immediate support from caring and compassionate staff, as well as suitable, safe accommodation.
    Cottage accommodation is dependent on vacancies and provided for only a very short period of time, giving staff the opportunity to assist clients secure more permanent housing.

    "Rondeley changed my life. I no longer have to live in fear”.

    Cindy contacted Coast Shelter after speaking with a Centrelink worker, who gave her our phone number. Cindy had never thought she would need to contact a refuge, let alone go into a Centrelink office asking for monetary assistance. Cindy and her two young children had lived what appeared to others as a fairy tale life. Cindy had a beautiful home in Sydney’s North Shore, drove an imported car, wore beautifully fashionable clothes and had a husband who earned a six figure income. However, living with her husband was anything but a fairy tale existence.

    Cindy’s husband was extremely controlling and had tracking devices on both her mobile phone and laptop. She was given an allowance for all essentials, with no access to their bank accounts. Cindy’s husband would take her shopping for clothes and chose what she would wear. He would not allow her to have a job or socialise without him. When he returned from work each evening, he checked the house for dust and the cleanliness of the kitchen, which he obsessed about.

    Finally it was all too much and Cindy and her children moved into our Refuge and stayed with us for two months. During her time with us she received support for the domestic violence she had experienced by participating in group work and she was also referred to a psychologist, who she still sees on a fortnightly basis.

    Cindy is now in her own private rental through the Housing NSW Start Safely program, where she receives subsidised rent for up to three years. Cindy is going through Family Law Court for a financial settlement however, her lawyer has informed Cindy this could be a lengthy process. The children are now settled into new schools and also participate in after school sports. They have made many new friends who they are able to have over for play dates, something they were never able to do before.


    Rondeley is funded by Community Services as a Specialist Homelessness Service and is supported by numerous community groups and organisations.