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    Kara Women and Children's Refuge

    Kara is our Family Program which provides crisis accommodation and support to single women and women with children. Kara consists of three self contained units, four family rooms and several outreach houses which provide residents with semi-independent housing and support.

    Staff assist families to find suitable permanent accommodation. Clients are assisted to develop the necessary living, social and parenting skills which will help them to sustain their own tenancy. Kara is a supportive and caring environment which assists families to overcome homelessness and rebuild their lives.

    "I was so happy to make a fresh start for myself and my new baby"

    Abbey came to Kara aged 20, 37 weeks pregnant and a victim of Domestic Violence. Abbey had searched daily for a rental property on the Central Coast without success. She was keen to relocate to this area and away from her previous residence to make a fresh start for herself and her unborn baby.

    Abbey moved into Kara Cottage and took a break from looking for rental property so that she could concentrate on her health and prepare for the birth of her baby. It was a stressful time for Abbey, as she had moved to a new area without any family or friends for support, as well as changing hospitals mid-pregnancy and engaging new midwives.

    Six weeks after the birth of her beautiful baby boy, Abbey secured a private rental in the Gosford area, where the Real Estate was willing to give this young mother and her baby a start in the rental market. It’s been a happy ending for all concerned and Abbey showed us that she was a very capable and loving mother to her son.


    Kara is funded by Community Services as a Specialist Homelessness Service and is supported by numerous community groups and organisations.