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    Client Stories

    Aidan's Story

    Aidan was referred to Wyong Youth Refuge when he was 15 and had come from a violent family home with obvious parental neglect. He arrived very frightened, shy and emotionally withdrawn. Aidan’s caseworker helped him to set up a plan to address his individual needs and personal goals. Aidan identified that he needed assistance with his mental health issues, education, living skills and recreational activities.

    Aidan focussed on his schooling and also began attending the MMAD (Musicians Making a Difference) Program, achieving great success. He performed three individual pieces in front of a large audience at a Music Camp in Sydney and also performed at the HUB in Erina Fair.

    Aidan is now in his own apartment, which he keeps very well maintained. He is continuing with his schooling and remains heavily involved with the MMAD Program. Aidan has improved in all aspects of his life and has matured into an independent young man with so many amazing strengths and ambitions.

    Wyong Youth Refuge

    Fran's Story

    Fran came to Neleh at the age of 28 and had previously been living with her parents in an environment with excessive drug and alcohol use. Her home life was made even more difficult when she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. With no support, she had trouble maintaining her mental health which created further conflict within the house.

    With such an unstable upbringing, Fran had been in and out of homelessness since the age of 14 and before she came to Neleh, she had been staying in a motel for nearly two years. When new management took over the motel, she found herself homeless again.

    Fran had very limited living skills and staff taught her how to set up a budget, cook meals for herself and even how to use a washing machine. Staff linked Fran in with a psychiatrist and her mental health was soon under control. She secured permanent social housing and is now set up in her new place with a much more positive outlook for the future.

    Neleh Women and Children's Refuge

    Trudy's Story

    Trudy and her young son Elijah came to Elandra after fleeing a violent relationship with her partner. Trudy was exhausted and Elijah demonstrated some behavioural issues, making parenting difficult for her. Trudy developed an awareness around domestic violence, budgeting, health care, education pathways and parenting skills.

    Young Elijah was enrolled in the local preschool and had his health checked with the Early Childhood Nurse. We found that his behaviours began to settle as his new environment was calm and non-threatening. Staff recognised Trudy’s strengths and worked with her around building on these, supporting her in believing she could create a better future for herself and Elijah.

    Trudy moved into an outreach property and enrolled in full time vocational training to pursue a career in teaching. Elijah remained at preschool where he had made some new friends, even attending a Birthday Party. Trudy was an excellent tenant and had a strong rental history with her Housing Provider. This made securing a private rental easier in a very competitive market, which she did successfully. Trudy still keeps in touch with Elandra staff and is now studying at Newcastle University.

    Elandra Women and Children's Refuge

    Mason's Story

    Mason became homeless after a series of unfortunate events and was potentially facing a life on the streets. He came to Youth Angle and with the support and encouragement of staff, made the most of the opportunities available to him, enrolling in TAFE and applying for jobs in his spare time.

    Mason’s hard work and dedication saw him reap the rewards as he began receiving solid marks at TAFE and also secured a part time job. Mason displayed commitment and maturity, waking up as early as 5:00am for his new job and juggling the tricky balance between study and work.

    Mason’s determination and eagerness to improve his life have been two of his biggest strengths and served him well during his time at Youth Angle. His rapid personal growth is testament to a combination of these strengths and the nurturing environment and resources that Youth Angle was able to provide.

    Youth Angle

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