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    Client Stories

    Judy's Story

    Judy was a 55 year old lady who had been admitted to Gosford Hospital with bruising and a possible rib fracture as a result of severe domestic violence. Police had arrived at Judy’s house after her neighbours reported screaming and immediately took out an AVO against her abusive partner. As it was unsafe for Judy to return home, she came to Kara with just the clothes on her back.

    Staff were able to provide Judy with clothing and toiletries until a time could be arranged with local Police to accompany her home, so that she could collect her belongings. Through the Housing NSW Start Safely Program, Judy was able to secure a one-bedroom private rental in a new area where she could feel safe.

    Judy keeps in touch with Kara staff and has made new friends through a Domestic Violence Support Group that she attends weekly. Judy is looking forward to a bright new future and will no longer live in fear.

    Kara Women and Children's Refuge

    Alby's Story

    Alby was referred on to the Coimba Men’s Service for assistance from the Oncology Clinic at Gosford Hospital. He had been residing with his family in the local area, but following a fairly innocuous fall, an examination revealed that he was suffering from an aggressive type of cancer. Alby was then admitted to the local hospital and it was during this time, that his family decided to move to Queensland, leaving Alby homeless.

    Alby then took up residence in our Men’s Refuge and with the support of the Team and from his fellow residents, he continued battling Hodgkins Lymphona through regular trips to the Clinic for chemotherapy.

    Alby’s fantastic attitude to life in those difficult circumstances never wavered and the house certainly benefitted from his inclusion. Recent results suggest that the cancer is now in remission and coupled with Alby’s recent move to a nice one-bedroom unit at Umina, the future certainly looks promising.

    Coimba Men's Refuge

    Lauren's Story

    Lauren came to Maya after she was unable to live at home due to the ongoing violence and abuse she was suffering. Lauren arrived in a very chaotic state and at first, struggled to adjust to the routine at Maya. Unfortunately, this caused her to rebel and she failed to return home to the Refuge on a number of occasions.

    Eventually, with extra support from staff, Lauren settled in and started to enjoy and rely on the structure and positive household at Maya. She reengaged with schooling, regularly attended TAFE and even obtained a part-time job which was fantastic for her confidence.

    As it was unsafe for Lauren to return home, she actively looked for accommodation while saving for a bond. Lauren ended up moving to her aunty’s house in Sydney and is now working full time as a trainee chef, which she is enjoying immensely. It was a fantastic result for a young lady who was committed to turn her life around and create a positive future for herself.

    Maya Young Women's Refuge

    Jen's Story

    Jen came to Youth Cottage at the age of 18, as she was no longer able to live at home due to a very dysfunctional environment caused by her parents’ alcohol abuse. She was living on the streets and did not have any friends or family in the area who she could turn to for support.

    Jen had a significant learning disability and her communication skills were quite challenging for staff, but we were able to assist her in identifying some goals and set a plan for the future.

    We supported Jen to reengage with ADHC (Ageing, Disability and Home Care) and after four months she was accepted into a Villa with supported accommodation. Jen is so happy in her new place and has made some friends in the area. She is now taking part in the TTW (Transition to Work) Program and has a bright future ahead. It was a great outcome for a young lady who was faced with some difficult obstacles in her young life.

    Woy Woy Youth Cottage

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