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    Chief Executive Officer

    Rachel Willis

    Throughout my previous roles and almost 20 years in NSW State and Local Government, I’ve learnt it takes the collaborative effort of many to achieve great success. I will be working with local, state and national bodies to ensure the urgent need for more affordable housing, the investment in prevention and early intervention programs, the provision of rapid rehousing options for women and children escaping domestic violence and the need to address the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the homelessness system is heard.

    As a born and bred Coastie, I can honestly say that Coast Shelter is an organisation I have long admired. I have been inspired by the strong advocacy of the organisation on homelessness issues and the unwavering commitment of staff and volunteers to the provision of quality services. I have some enormous shoes to fill and I am committed to continuing the work Laurie has done here on the Coast for the past 26 years and leading Coast Shelter into the future, applying my energies and skills to help achieve the mission of ending homelessness and domestic and family violence on the Central Coast.

    Board of Directors

    Responsibility for the management of Coast Shelter rests with 11 members of the Central Coast community who have been elected to the Board of Directors of Coast Shelter, which is a Company limited by guarantee.

    The President, Margaret Portass has the support of Directors who bring a wide range of experience and skills to the Board Table. It is this expertise and the willingness to voluntarily invest their time and energy in managing a changing organisation that has enabled Coast Shelter to grow and introduce innovative programs. Coast Shelter is the largest provider of crisis accommodation services to homeless people on the Central Coast due to the leadership offered by the Board of Directors.

    Margaret Portass


    Michael Goodwin

    Vice President

    Alison McEvoy


    Paul Hussein


    Bob Pryke


    Gavin Shepherd


    Laurie Maher


    Vicki Scott


    Kian Safaei


    Diana Hanks


    Glenn Provis