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    Board of Directors

    Responsibility for the management of Coast Shelter rests with nine members of the Central Coast community who have been elected to the Board of Directors of Coast Shelter, which is a Company limited by guarantee.

    The President, Gavin Shepherd has the support of Directors who bring a wide range of experience and skills to the Board Table. It is this expertise and the willingness to voluntarily invest their time and energy in managing a changing organisation that has enabled Coast Shelter to grow and introduce innovative programs. Coast Shelter is the largest provider of crisis accommodation services to homeless people on the Central Coast due to the leadership offered by the Board of Directors.

    Gavin Shepherd


    Michael Goodwin


    Alison McEvoy


    Paul Hussein


    Bob Pryke


    Margaret Portass


    Glenn Provis


    Vicki Scott


    Kian Safaei


    • thumb1 Laurie Maher, Executive Officer

      Homelessness and poverty are the two black marks on any assessment of Australian society. Every night, in excess of 105,000 Australian citizens are homeless and sleep rough in communities throughout our country. Of the number of homeless, in excess of 56,000 are children. Homelessness is not just about not having a roof over one's head, it has clearly demonstrable consequences such as poverty, ill-health, inadequate education of children and behavioural problems. With the shortage of affordable rental properties and the cost of housing, more and more of our community face homelessness or at least suffer housing stress and live with the fear of homelessness. On the Central Coast, where the waiting list for public housing is more than twelve years, more and more of our citizens are in dire need of assistance and that's were Coast Shelter comes into the picture. Coast Shelter accepts its role of advocacy on behalf of our disadvantaged community members and at the same time, through its various programs, provides essential practical support where it is possible