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    Budget Ends Commitment to the Homeless

    “This budget could best be described as cruel”, Laurie Maher, Executive Officer of Coast Shelter said.

    “It offers nothing but bad news for so many in our community who are on low fixed incomes and dependent on Government Services”, he added.

    Cuts in funding to mental health services such as Headspace, $40 million from Community Legal Centres and Aboriginal Legal Services, and $1.2 billion from aged care, certainly does not paint a picture of a ‘caring’ Government.

    On top of this, support for homeless services which includes women’s and youth refuges, will lose $115 million from the National Partnership on Homelessness Program from June 2017.

    “These harsh measures will see more and more needy people turned away from necessary support services”, Maher stated.

    “Further measures freezing the Medicare rebate by a further $925 million, the previous cuts to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, which will require people to pay for pap smears and blood tests, along with cuts to paid parental leave, do nothing to improve the quality of life within our community. In fact, it will make life more difficult to many and means that more and more people will find it difficult, if not impossible, to maintain their tenancies or pay their mortgages”, Maher concluded.